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This week’s Special XL BOX (21 blikken)

This week’s Special XL BOX (21 blikken)

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We hebben twee heel mooie vacatures bij Brouwerij KEES. Nu is je kans om je aan te sluiten bij ons team: we zoeken een accountmanager en een allround medewerker warehouse. Via link in bio lees je meer en solliciteer je!
What beer is excellent for barrel aging? That's right: KEES Caramel Fudge Stout! It is the PX barrel that does the aging job. Expect sweetness of vanilla, chocolate and beautiful aromas of the spirit and wood type. Soon to come...
How and when do all those fine hop aromas arise in beer? At Brouwerij KEES we use a so-called hopgun to ‘dry hop’ our beer. Dry hopping is a procedure in which precious essential oils are released from the lupulin contained in the hops in beer. Dry hopping is performed in a cold area, after the brewing process. The beer is finished, but is not yet fully mature. Stay posted to our socials to learn more about our brewing process.
Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the sunny coast with our new beer Surfing on Citra. This Double NEIPA is packed with hoppy fruity flavours combined with a velvety aftertaste. The Citra hop profile provides flavors and aromas of citrus, passion fruit and melon. A delicious beer to escape the cold autumn days, available via link in bio.
Just sit back and enjoy this Export Porter 1750. A beer full of coffee and chocolate roast. It’s black and sticky to the bone!
Wij vieren vandaag het weekend met een vers blik Hazy Sunrise! Met welk bier geniet jij dit weekend van de laatst mooie zonnestralen?
We’re happy to announce our new website is live! We created a new online space where user friendliness, in depth on our beers and an integration with our webshop come together. Check it via link in bio, hope you like it. Cheers!
You know that guy! The 'man with a van'. He is that dude who will move your stuff to your new flat. Or who takes it to the rubbish tip. Or he does any other odd job for you when a large vehicle and an extra pair of hands are needed. Cheers to the people who are there for you when you need them. Let’s celebrate them with A Man with a Van: an India Pale Ale firmly hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Amarillo and Cascade hops. Now available via link in bio.
Is a blond more fun? Yes! I know this one is, for sure: brewed with typical Belgian yeast and exotic hop varieties. Cheers and enjoy the weekend!
Du vill inte missa detta! This Pastry Stout is inspired by a Swedish pastry that is often referred to as dammsugare (vacuum cleaner). This typical pastry is a spitting image of what vacuum cleaners looked like in the 1920s. But it also refers to the alleged practice of the pastry chefs collecting crumbs from leftover cake or biscuits. Swedish Vacuum Cleaner is a thick thick 13% pastry stout with chocolate and marzipan. Available via link in bio!
Durf jij het aan? Geen Double, geen Triple, maar een Quadruple IPA! Dit bier bevat een bak vol hop, is subtiel alcoholwarmend en zit vooral barstens vol aroma's van citrusvruchten en tropisch fruit. Een echt bier voor de ware hophead, vanaf nu verkrijgbaar via link in bio!
Met wat voor bier proost jij op het weekend? Wij doen het vandaag met Double IPA, ook wel Imperial IPA bier genoemd. Dit bier is vaak zwaarder gehopt en heeft een alcoholpercentage van boven de 7,5%. Onze Double IPA is heerlijk gehopt en fruitig en bloemig van geur. Daarnaast heeft het bier een subtiele droge afdronk. Cheers!

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